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We’re giving away 2 stacks* of this superb selection of publications by our favourite magazines representing the Jury for the If You Leave Photography Competition.

Reason for this is to promote the last week of our Kickstarter campaign in support of the IYL Showcase which is an entry-fee free contest and thus solely depending on your support!

How this works..

➸Stack 1 will be given to a lucky person who reblog’s, share’s, RT’s or regram’s this post.

➸Stack 2 goes to a lucky name who pledges to our Kickstarter campaign**

So get involved to win this awesome collection and support up and coming talent in the process!!

Massive thanks to the IYL Jury for their incredible support!
Dazed and Confused MagazineIt’s Nice ThatThe British Journal of PhotographyHUCK MagazineDer Greif - magazine for photography & literatureGUP magazineNo Culture IconsSo It GoesGirls on Film zineArt:I:CurateMOSSLESS MagazineSelf Publish, Be Happy,FreundevonFreundenLomographyDRECK MagazineErrr-Magazine,Paper JournalAint-Bad Magazine

The competition is still open for submissions until July 8th.

(*free delivery worldwide)
(**any pledge beyond this date)